What we do


Mixing is an art in its own right, and we believe that it is similar to painting: a choice of a certain set of colours or sounds can make or break an otherwise excellent composition. Proper mixing takes years to master, and can become a bit of a drag for musicians who would much rather write and perform their music. Fortunately, we have that experience, and not only can we get that kick drum to cut through without ruining your track's balance, but, we believe, we can also swing the emotion of your track through just mixing.



There is a popular misconception about mastering and what it can (or should) do to your track or album. No wonder - mastering is highly dependent on many factors, i.e. music style, target media etc. In some cases, it can fix small problems with the mix as well...


What you get

We return your mixed and/or mastered track in your preferred audio format, i.e. WAV, AIFF, MP3 etc.